We are proud to be the area’s distributor of Skeet’R Beat’R motorized roll-up screens. Electric screens allow you to work or play on your patio while keeping out those nasty mosquitoes and lizards. Your garage can get hot and stuffy without the door open, but these screens let in natural light and a breeze. Let us help you make the most of your Florida lifestyle by installing Skeet’r Beat’r’s electric roll-up screen!

Transform Any Outdoor Space with a Motorized Screen

We are proud to be the area’s exclusive distributor of SKEET1R BEAT1R® Motorized Screens by Screen America Corporation. Motorized Screens allow you to work or play on your patio or garage while blocking out those nasty bugs and, if you choose, the direct sun. Get the most out of your home with a Skeet’R Beat1R© Motorized Screen.

Motorized Screens are not only convenient, quiet and attractive, they offer additional benefits:

  • Shut out the bugs
  • Eliminate sun damage
  • Block visibility
  • Moderate temperatures

Transform Your Patio with a Motorized Screen

With one of the most favorable climates in the United States, Hillsborough County is the perfect retreat for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors. Expand your living space and time outdoors by adding a Motorized Screen around your patio or outdoor kitchen.

Enjoy the option of having your patio open or completely enclosed. Block out damaging sun rays and insects with the simple push of a button.

Use Your Garage Year Round

Want to use your garage as a workspace or playroom while blocking visibility, the sun and insects? Our garage door screens provide air flow while adding privacy. Simply touch a wall control or use a remote from inside your vehicle.

Design One Garage Doors Provides the Best Electric Screen Solutions

When installing an electric screen, you want it to be made from quality materials and fitted by professionals. Since Skeet’r Beat’r’s screens and mechanics are made in America, you know it’s top-notch construction. Design One Garage Doors is a local company with a team that knows the ins and outs of renovations. We will work with you to provide a solution that fits the unique layout of your home, complementing and improving the spaces that you already have.

Have an electric screen installed by Design One Garage Doors and take back your freedom to enjoy the outdoors without any of the downsides of open living spaces. Give us a call at 813-634-3961 and, as always, just ask your neighbors!