Just ask your neighbors!

Garage Door Opener

Picture this: You’re coming home from a hard day’s work. The typical afternoon thunderstorm doesn’t bother you, because you can park in the garage to avoid the rain. You’re finally to the part of your day when you can take off your shoes and relax on the couch.

Until you get home. For some reason, the garage door won’t open and you can’t figure out why. What you do know is that you’re soaking wet because you had to park on the driveway and run to the front door. That’s when you realize how important your garage door opener is!

If you’ve installed a garage door opener, you might not realize the need for occasional maintenance until the day it doesn’t work. Arriving home to wrestle with a garage door that isn’t working properly is not what anyone wants.

No need to worry! Design One Garage Doors will get your opener back in working order without additional stress. We take pride in offering:

  • • Convenience
  • • Reliable Service
  • • Safety & Security
  • • Fast & Friendly Knowledge

Garage Doors Are Our Specialty

Just as our name suggests, we’re experts in all areas of garage door service, repair, and installation. If you’re in Southeast Hillsborough County or a surrounding area, Design One Garage Doors is a company that you can count on to get the job done right the first time.

Replacement Installations

A new garage door will immediately increase the curbside appeal of your home. We have a range of designs and materials on hand to complement and improve the look of your home.

  • High-quality materials including timbers, metals, and composites
  • Hurricane-proof construction to give peace of mind during the stormy weather
  • Security for the main entryway to your home
  • Customizable styles to suit any taste

At Design One Garage Doors we are licensed contractors, and we’ll make sure all of the necessary paperwork is completed before work begins, protecting you from any liability.


Even though the government has laws that require garage door manufacturers to take certain measures to protect your family, unfortunately they don’t always work as they should. Sometimes sensors can fail, so the door will not reverse and close on something it shouldn’t. For this reason alone, choose the best company to maintain the safety and security of your home. Our repair service is equipped to work on all the major brands, so we will examine and repair virtually any garage door. We stock all major replacement parts. Because of this, most repairs can be completed on the same day as the assessment.

Take Care of Your Most Important Asset

Your garage door is the largest mechanical feature in your home, and it takes up more than 30% of the front of your house. You may not realize just how important your garage door is until the day it doesn’t work. Let Design One Garage Doors put your home back in order with the fastest, friendliest, most convenient, and most professional garage door service in Southeast Hillsborough County. Just ask your neighbors!